Wildflower seed wedding favours are more than just a one-time keepsake. Each one contains a blend of premium wildflower seeds that are specially curated by a Certified Bee Master to attract and support our essential pollinators, especially bees.

As your guests plant these seeds in disused laneways, verges, or along the edges of cultivated areas, they will be nurturing a vibrant wildflower garden, providing a vital habitat for bees and other beneficial insects.

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Wildflower Seed Packet Wedding Favours | Custom Favours | Let Love Grow | Eco-Friendly Favours | Wildflower Seed Favours

Features Include:
✔ Craft paper heart envelope 
✔ Customized 2 inch label with your names and wedding date 
✔ Planting instructions printed on a biodegradable bag which holds the seeds 
✔ Eco-friendly ribbon made from recycled bottles and polyester
✔ Add-on Premium Bee Garden Wildflower Mix from West Coast Seeds


planting instructions

Your options for ribbon colours are Antique White, Blush Pink, or go for half and half.  This ribbon is made from recycled bottles and polyester - one of the more sustainable ways of producing this product. 

eco-friendly ribbon

The Wildflower Bee Garden Blend from West Coast Seeds is specially blended by a Certified Bee Master for use in managed landscapes or along the edges of cultivated areas in residential or agricultural properties. Planting these seeds helps support pollinators. 

premium wildflower Mix

Customize your wedding favour by adding your names plus the wedding date.   

custom label design

Seed Packet Wedding Favours

The labels are BPA & BPS free. We also use thermal printing which is considered more environmentally friendly - it reduces the amount of non-recyclable waste and by-products. 

2 inch labels

The envelope is heart shaped, made from durable craft paper with an ornamental flower design and the words "Let Love Grow" printed on the front. On the back, there is a sweet message and a thank you note for your guests.

heart envelope

Planting instructions are printed for your guests on the small resealable bags that hold the seeds. The bags are made from biodegradable material (not plastic).