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I'm Anna, nice to meet you.

There are moments in life when everything you have done, learned, the people you have met, the places you have traveled to, the things you are passionate about, your talents and loves, all converge at one point, and you know this is it. That is how I felt when I got married, and when I decided to start my own business in the wedding industry.

With a solid professional background in the not-for-profit sector, I have spent years organizing and managing community programs, fundraisers, cultural festivals, and countless events. These often involved working with volunteers, board members, and various stakeholders.

The events I have worked on ranged from 15 to 250 people. The fundraisers I have managed raised 1.2 million dollars in just a few months. I am also proud to have spearheaded a prestigious donor recognition program for young professionals. We were able to successfully increase membership from 5 to 35 members in just one year.

My past experiences perfectly align with wedding coordination. In addition, being a new bride myself provides me with invaluable insights into the art of wedding planning. It brings me so much joy to wed (no pun intended) my professional experiences and personal wisdom into crafting unforgettable moments for my clients.

I am certified by the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada and hold a BA in International Studies from SFU. I aspire to create a cleaner and brighter world for generations to come - hence creating a line of eco-friendly wedding favours.

I would be the perfect wedding coordinator for you if, like me:

• You believe that true luxury lies in peace of mind and the time to enjoy life’s special moments
• You seek to personalize your wedding with unique elements and experiences that symbolize your journey together
• You envision your wedding as the extension of your hospitality, ensuring your guests feel appreciated and loved
• You pursue harmony and balance in both wedding planning and life
• You're excited to dance the night away, whether it's Salsa, Bachata, or other fun moves
• You're keen on planning your wedding with the added support of a "wedding doula" and a "behind the scenes wizard" 
• You want to give yourself the ultimate gift of being an honored guest at your own wedding

I am passionate about weddings, and I am thrilled at the prospect of being your trusted partner as you plan your dream wedding.

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